Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What 5am will get you

Hello blog, it is me Mommystar.

This year I have been REALLY good about going to the gym. I completely recognize in myself that I am a nicer, saner, but not necessarily thinner person if I work out consistently. Unfortunately for me, I need to exercise in the morning, BEFORE the kids get up to go to school, so that leaves me at the gym at 5 am. Pitch black, crickets chirping, please don't let my car break down 5 AM.
And if you are anything like me, I choose my gyms based on their ammenities. And when I say ammenities, I mean towel thread count, TV stations, and child care options. So working out at O'dark-thirty leaves me with nothing. No warm towels, no child care, and no TV. Well sure, there's TV, but do you have any idea what is on at 5am...no, why should you? Nothing but infomercials.

And do you know where that gets me? A $150 workout dvd system that is going to "transform my body" before my very own eyes!. Yup...I'm venturing to do P90x and it is seriously kicking my ass. I've given up the gym for the basement and am tackling the 90 day workout program that should make me look like...

(That's Demi Moore, a P90x user, tweeting a picture of herself)

You know I can't pass up on a good before/after. I want to be an after! And if I ever end up looking like Demi...you can be damn sure I'll be tweeting that picture worldwide. Maybe even a superbowl commercial!

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