Sunday, September 30, 2007

Can't Hold a Grudge

You have to forgive a face as cute as this.

Don't you?

A Mother Knows Best

I am SO mad at myself! I said all week:

"it is a bad idea for us to go to a 7pm baseball game"

I repeat:

"it is a bad idea for us to go to a 7pm baseball game"

Not only is the little boy not napping and therefore due to bed at 7pm, but darling hubby is going to be at a testosterone fest in Chalorttesville leaving me to handle both munchkins solo.

But push come to shove, after a glorious day in Baltimore with Nana, Memo, and Duk Duk...I started thinking:

"is it a bad idea for us to go to a 7pm baseball game?"

2 glasses of wine, 4 oz of formula, and a sippy of milk later we are in the governor's box watching the Orioles play the Yankees.

But let me repeat:


Fast forward to the 4th inning when not only did the Orioles give up 10 runs, but the little 3 year old did some running of his own: escaping from his nana causing her to drop all of her bags (truthfully only one was her bag, the other 2 were mine) throw off her sandals and take off barefoot down the street to grab him by the armpit (I remember that grip like it was yesterday!) and drag him to my car.

Can't say I didn't warn you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nap No More

Today is a very sad day in the development of my 3 1/2 year old. Today is the day that I acknowledge the loss of his nap.

May we have a moment of silence please?

Actually, that is all I have been asking for. Every day from 1-3:30...I ask for just one moment of silence. My son, the litigator, tells me that he can't sleep because Puppy and Baby Elephant are keeping him up, or because he can't remember how to close his eyes, or because he hears the birds outside. Yes, yes, these are all very valid excuses but seriously, can't you just be quiet?

Turns out he can't be quiet. There is no inside voice component on this child -just 2 volumes...loud and extra loud. I keep thinking maybe going to see the Blue Angels did damage to his ears...but no, I think this is just my loud, boisterous, can hear you down the street, not appropriate for the library child.

I keep saying, "if he doesn't take a nap he is going to be SO cranky"

But you know what???

It turns out that he is just fine without the nap, it is me that is cranky.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ahhh...what a beautiful sight.

Thank you Cliff...for the oven and for not waking my babies!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The nerve of them!

How is it that when I tiptoe around the house, do my blending and mixing in a sound-proof room and don't even let a pin drop, my children wake from their naps at the first creak in the hardwoods they hear?

And today Cliff and his sidekick are here pounding and sawing and dropping steel bricks on the ground and there is narry a peep from the two rooms upstairs. ( double ovens are installed so even if they did wake up I wouldn't double ovens are here!)

I don't get the logic...but I guess I'll go with it!