Monday, June 30, 2008

Sight Reading

So I wonder, is it really bad when your son't first sight reading word (you know the one where he doesn't actually sound it out, but just recognizes it) is from a convenience store?

Sure, W is his favorite letter, and sure there is only one other letter involved in this word. But a convenience store? Seriously?

So we're driving to the Jersey Shore and from the back seat I hear, "Look Mommy a Wawa." Granted, it could have been a lucky guess because if you've ever driven to the Jersey Shore, you know there is one every 2 exits. In fact, our directions to other people often include, turn left at the Wawa by the cemetery, go throught the Wawa in the roundabout, etc. But then when he said it again, and again, and again...then I knew it wasn't a coincidence.

And I knew, that however I try to spin it, the fact is the first word he read was the name of a convenience store. A superior one that makes the best hoagies, but a convenience store nonetheless.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

(Dis) Organized Sports

Taking your 4 year old to what they call "organized sports" is definitely an exercise in patience for the parents. We have resisted all sports up until now because we recognize how easy it will be to overbook our kids and perhaps push them too much in a direction they don't want to go. I had been assured by other moms that soccer at the Y would not be too intense, the parents would be relaxed, and a good time would be had by the 4 year old. I have to say they were right, but they never mentioned that the program was not intended for a Type A parent...AT ALL.

The first week the coach never showed up...the second week the coach was there but spent 3/4 of the time chasing his son around trying to get him to blow his nose...the third week another parent actually stepped in and helped coach the kids but seemed interested in only passing the ball to his son (go figure)...and the fourth week I brought my cellphone all charged up, headset in place, and chatted up my friends while trying not to pay attention to the whole debacle.

You see, the real problem was not the disorganization of the program, but my intense desire to jump in and straighten the whole program out. I spent the entire hour (I know it doesn't seem like a long time, but it is when it is 3/4 year old soccer) plotting how I would have a plan, split the kids up, run shuttles, teach offense and defense, and next thng you know we wold be passing back and forth to one another with only a few breaks to pick buttercups off the field. It was all I could do not to "participate"

So now soccer is over and we are doing another sports program through the running association in our town. In reality, it is 300+ kids on 2 football fields doing relay races, running games, and occasionally taking laps around the track. I can't even begin to describe the chaos. But last night in the 4 year olds group there were about 15 kids and ONE coach. Are you kidding me? You try getting 15 kids to play follow the leader, do dizzy izzies, or freeze dance all by yourself. As I watched in pain as this shy, whispering, slight (you know a "running body") 20 something girl tried to coral the kids...I just couldn't resist anymore. I jumped in, I organized, I coordinated, and I facilitated. And I got stuck. Next thing you know I'm carrying the props back after the hour, I'm talking to the leader, and I am thinking that we'll never come back because I don't want to be in charge.

Or do I?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Take the good, take the bad

Our life works in extremes.

One day it is 105 degrees outside, the next 75.
One day we have a million things to do, the next we have nothing on our calendar.
One day I'm skinny, the next I'm fat ( I'm takes much more than a day!)
And one day kids are perfect and the next day...well...not so much.

For example:

Two days ago there was no napping in the house. None to speak of, not even a quick 10 minute close your eyes and stop the screaming/yelling/whining for a minute. So, for those of you who don't know, no napping leads to cranky kids and EXTREMELY cranky mommies. I can't even quantify the level of crankiness. But let me try:

(cranky kids+cranky mommy)x daddy gone for the night=very serious situation
By the time bedtime finally came around baby girl was thrown into bed with a wipe stuck to the back of her head and little boy nearly had his head smacked in with a large bedtime book (in my defense he had me read the whole long, rhyming, hard to pronounce book and when we got to the second to the last page declared, "I don't like this one, I want another." You'll be happy to know that no abuse occurred, I just got up and left the room)
But thank goodness the extreme occurred yesterday. After a morning of playing with a friend, napping, and iced coffees we were off to a good start. Followed by a quiet afternoon and some exercising...I didn't think things could get much better. But then it happened. Playing with the new "talkie talkies" the little boy was in the basement and kept saying to me (in the kitchen by myself with a glass of wine) "Mommy, I love you. Over and Out" "Mommy, I love you, 10-4" Seriously...I can't even remember what went wrong earlier this week.
(good naps + quiet time +coffee+exercising)x spontaneous I love you's=perfection
I'll take the bad, if that's the good I get. And as long as none of this has to do with talking about the Facts of Life.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Birthday Hangover

OK...remember how I said that this birthday thing is bogus. I was totally on to something. I already mentioned it does not celebrate the true hero in birth (ME!)...and it is not just one day...this thing dragged on for 4 whole days. My was the longest birthday celebration second to maybe Jesus. And yes, I suppose I created most of this hysteria. I planned his "family party" which was just presents and cake for the 4 of us.

Then we had the "friend party" with 8 of his friends at the bouncy house place.

And finally, we wrapped up the mardi gras with the "family party part 2" which included grandparents and aunts and uncles.

I love birthdays, I love to make my kid feel special, but even I had to roll my eyes at the pure over-indulgence of this whole thing.

So needless to say, today has been a bit of a disappointment. No more cake, no more presents, and no more free passes because today is a "special day." In fact, tonight when he was trying to negotiate an extra TV show before bed he said, "but Mommy today is special because yesterday was my birthday."

"Well, no, honey your birthday was last week. Today is not a special day."
"So how many days until my next birthday?"

And this is where the hangover comes in to play because in order to answer that question, I have to finish the sangria and maybe a few bottles of wine to even contemplate the thought.
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Friday, June 06, 2008

My big boy

Four years. I can’t believe it. How did he go from this:

To this:

I really find it all amazing. He’s articulate, he knows all his letters, can sight read some words, likes to play math, and is ALL MINE. I love him so much…he should never know just how much I love him.

But do you know what? I’m starting to think that this birthday thing is bogus. Why are we celebrating him? What has he done that is so remarkable? Why aren’t we celebrating us, the parents? I mean for the first 3 years we kept him alive…that deserves some sort of presidential commendation of some sort…or at least our own wing at the ER. And for the past year…well, we haven’t killed him…again deserving some sort of award I am sure.

So tonight, as we opened up his presents, it wasn’t him that we were really toasting. It was us. Here’s to us…4 years in and we are stronger, sometimes meaner and sometimes nicer, more lenient and yet also stricter, more forgiving, equipped with a better sense of humor, and better parents than we thought we would be. We toasted with our “survival martinis” and hope to be drinking them every June 5 for the rest of our lives.

Happy birthday big boy. We love you.
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


OK...rewind about 10 weeks when my mother innocently enough said, "little girl, these thighs are going to give you some problems when you get older."
I can't even begin to explain how I over-reacted. Steam poured out my ears, face turned bright red and I almost cried right there thinking about my little girl and all the body image delusions she is going to have to deal with. It just isn't fair.
A week or so later I still had not recovered and I told my mom that I really didn't like the comments about her thighs or any other body part because I just worried so much about all that girls have to struggle with regarding their appearance and then I asked her not to comment on her weight or anything else.
You know what my mom said? "I didn't with you did I?" Uhhh...touche. She didn't. She never once said a word about my too tight pants, my desire to wear things that only "skinny girls" should wear, or my ability to polish off a dozen cookies in one sitting. In 7th grade she even took me to my weekly weight watcher meetings and cooked special food for me the entire time. She didn't comment, she supported.
So how ironic that I accuse her of judging...when I think it is deep down me that is commenting, judging, obsessing. I can't get these thighs out of my mind.
Now before you comment that she'll grow out of them, it's just baby fat, etc. I know that. But I also know what she is genetically stacked up against and I just want to enjoy the time when I can squeeze those thighs, love every roll in them, and post them on my blog for everyone to see.
In the future, I vow not to comment, but for now, I just can't resist.

Monday, June 02, 2008

So predictable

I have been waiting for this weekend since 2004. When last year they announced that the movie was going to come out this summer, I immediately called my sister and made her promise to go with me (no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that my husband would be seeing this one!) Turns out I didn't have to beg her to come with me because half the female population of DC was at the theater staging a sit in for their seats so far in advance I couldn't even get a drink before the show. Damn.

After the 45 minutes of trailers where my sister can accurately tell you who everyone is and what movie/show/broadway play they are from (it is an AMAZING talent of hers, one that surely is untapped!) the movie started. And so did the tears.

I'm a loser, I admit it. But I cried quietly in my seat thinking about how I was reuniting with some of my longest, dearest, and most predictable friends (every Sunday...I could count on them!). I was not, however, hooting screaming, whistling, and swirling my pink feathered boa in the air like some other patrons of the theater. (they must have gotten there in time for the pre-theater drinks...damn again)

The movie, well, it was pure magic. I mean if pure magic is fantastic clothes, great one liners, more fantastic clothes, and a brief glimpse of full frontal MALE you know what. (I missed could I?...must have been wiping my eyes with my feather boa!)

Yes, for what it is worth, the movie was predictable...but you know what? So am I.