Sunday, June 17, 2007

What you shouldn't say

1. You're so big it is hard to believe you aren't having twins
2. You know...sometimes the ultrasounds don't show the never know you might be having twins. Sure looks like it.
3. Are you having multiples? (said by a woman pushing twins in a stroller...really...she should know better)
4. Wow, your stomach is so wide, are you sure it isn't twins?

Just like you should NEVER assume that someone is pregnant until the words come directly out of their mouth, you should NEVER assume that someone is having twins unless the words come directly out of their mouth.

Just becasue I'm eating for 2, doesn't mean that I am having 2.

And I'm back!

Sorry for the delay in posts...too much to tell.

Let's just say in the past 4 months I have
1. ganied 35 pounds
2. moved 250 miles
3. cursed 1.5 million times

Never has anything rattled me as much as selling our house...and now that we have moved into the Money Pit (more on that later) never has anything caused me to lose so much sleep.

But that should all change in the next few weeks when out darling little girl, named Mildre-Will by our son makes her appearance. Then lack of sleep, annoying realtors, and broken hot water heaters and air conditioners won't even make the top ten of my gripes.

Stay tuned for that should be really fun!,