Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A long trip to here

I didn't expect to be so sentimental about the American Veteran's truck that came today to haul away our "no longer needed" items. It's so polite isn't it? They don't want to call it junk...but we all know it is.

Last night, after I got my reminder call that I had agreed to put some stuff out for the truck, I ran around the house trying to collect all the junk...I mean...no longer needed items...that I agreed to donate. To be fair, they called on December 26, when my house looked something like a hoarders episode. So, of course, I thought I could fill 3 truck loads with our junk. But once the wrapping paper was thrown away and the extraneous family members returned to their proper households, I struggled to find a worthwhile amount of goods to give away. I filled one bag of kids clothes, found 2 lampshades I detest and then stalled out.

There had to be more things to give away in this house. So you know what I did...I went to the garage. And I gave away the ping pong table, the Foosball table, the circular saw, the 3 snowboards. NO! Just kidding. If I did that, I might as well have put myself on the curb with them, I would no longer be welcome here.

But what I did find were 2 last remaining strollers in the corner. It was like finding 2 long lost friends. I have been everywhere with those two ladies. One, slender and blue, always went on the the plane, to London, Portugal, Italy, Disney, California...you name it, that lady carried and comforted our kids everywhere. The other...so sturdy and trustworthy. Not appreciated for her looks, but for her speed, grace, and ability to get me out of the house when I was stir crazy. When my second was born, I tried to upgrade to a fancy jogging stroller, but always returned to old big bertha.

I looked at those girls long and hard...thought about how my 3.5 year old hasn't been in a stroller in nearly 12 months, and decided to say goodbye.

So this morning I trekked them out to the bottom of the driveway and left them. Abandoned them. I didn't think anything of it. Until I found myself looking out the window multiple times to see if they were still there. Should I go back and get them? What if we need a stroller? Am I making a mistake?

And then the truck came. And the guys just chucked them into the back of the truck and drove away. The end. And I cried.

Lordy, what the heck is wrong with me? I hope I'm not this emotional because I'm pregnant...because then I've made a mistake...well 2 actually.

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Beth HF said...

Ohhh....I am so with you, so with you there. Our garage looks like a buggy museum. Bobby keeps trying to give them away and I want to keep at least one or two, you know, in case my sister is over with her kids....and the joggers aren't really for the kids anymore but hauling bags, coats, cases of wine and such at local family friendly wineries:)
Actually, somehow I got volunteered to do the hot chocolate for Jamie's holiday party (even after I told them I had a 3 year old in tow). I dragged out the Graco double stroller put Anna in the front, a crock pot, huge can of cocoa, 2 gallons of water (can't drink our tap here), my purse and Anna's "bag" all in the second seat and back of the stroller just to get us IN the school.
I looked at Bobby and said, SEE, I DO need the strollers. Sigh, they will have go soon. I just miss their convenience and the ability to strap a screaming child in and wheel them very quickly out of the scene of the crime:)