Wednesday, November 28, 2007

School enthusiasm!

My little boy LOVES preschool.

But rewind 3 months, 6 months, or even a year and the story was not the same. My Mr. Independent was Mr. Clingy. Crying, grabbing, planting himself in front of the door so I couldn't leave, hyperventilating, and even pretending not to feel well so he didn't have to go (I thought you only learned how to do that in Middle School!). I was starting to have visions of him living at home, going to Strayer University online and never leaving...EVER.

But something miraculous has happened. He is completely obsessed with preschool, his teachers, and his friends. He wants to be there every day, wants to eat lunch every afternoon, and really prefers to be there rather anywhere. Hey, I'm not complaining, I'm just reporting.

What is ironic is that when we moved here, I really resisted this particular preschool. I'm not a very religious person and thought I would prefer a non-church based school. I thought it would fit my beliefs and personality more and would also keep my mother off my back. But when all other options fell through, I ended up here. And let me tell you, church based or not...this is the best place in the world...AND my mother hasn't given me grief ONCE. Now if you want to talk miraculous...

So here I am, 7:30am and the little boy has been dressed and ready to go to school since 6:45. His shoes are on, his lunch is packed, and his bag is ready. I, on the other hand, haven't even made a coffee, had a diet coke, or picked up the newspaper. We're obviously on different schedules. I keep telling him that it is going to be a long time until we can go...and he says it is worth the wait!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The stars have aligned

For me, it is the most wonderful time of the year. No not Thanksgiving, and not Christmas, and not my husband's birthday right in the middle of all of these events.

It's Oprah's Favorite Things episode.

I usually try not to get into all of the Oprah hype. I don't read her books, I rarely watch her show, but for some reason I look forward to this show more than I really should. So as soon as I heard that the show was today, I set my TIVO and looked forward to bed time so that I can catch what all the must haves are for this year. Granted, I never buy any of them...but it is always good to be in the know.

So imagine my extreme joy when my three year old-- mr. no-napper himself-- sacks out for a super nap this afternoon. So I sit here, writing on my blog about nothing, drinking my 3 point latte (worth every point), watching my favorite thing.

Today...All the stars have aligned.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I want to be an After!

I have done every diet in the books. Jenny Craig, LA Weightloss, Nutri System, the Zone, Atkins, 5 Factor (who wouldn't do a diet that Jessica Simpson did??) and this week I went back to old faithful...Weight Watchers.

Back in 1988 I did Weight Watchers and rejoining this week was like greeting an old friend. The plan is the same,the books are the same, the Thanksgiving pep talk was the same, and certainly the decorations in the room are exactly the same. (not to mention they still recommend that you don't eat doritos and pop tarts...imagine that!)

So you might ask, what is unique about each of these diets...and the simple answer is nothing. Each one requires that you watch your portion control, limit your bad carbs, drink obscene amounts of water...oh and speaking of obscene must pay them obscene amounts of money in order to suffer in this "lifestyle" they prescribe.

So why, you ask, do I keep jumping around from one to the other? I'll tell you...before and after pictures. I am a sucker for the bedraggled mom of 5 haven't showered or washed her clothes in 5 days before shot turned glamour girl with her blown out hair and professionally makeupped face in a bikini.

The fact of the matter is that bikini or not, I want to be an after.
So here I am neurotic like Bridget Jones...counting my points, weighing my food, and praying for a small (or rather large actually) weight loss miracle.
I promise not to post the pictures

Friday, November 09, 2007

What could have been

About 15 years ago a friend of mine asked, "Have you heard of this new company, Starbucks?"

I, ignorantly, said "no, what is it?"

She explained that it was a great new store that sold all sorts of good coffee. And then she proclaimed, "We should invest in it, I bet we would make SO much money"

Fast forward 15 years and I am hoping that my friend is a millionaire, all I am is addicted. In fact, I literally don't think that I could get anywhere without Starbucks. Since moving to DC my entire means of measurement are in the units of Starbucks.
How tired am I?
Venti with an extra shot tired
How many Weight Watcher points can I spare?
You can have a sugar free vanilla latte
What does my son think is his favorite treat?
A tall mocha frapachino lite (no judgement please)
Where is our next playdate?
Go past the Starbucks next to the Giant, turn at the one in the Target, and the park is next to the Starbucks near the Home Depot.
How long does it take to get to preschool?
10 minutes normally, but allow 17 if you want to go through the drive through Starbucks.
I'm not rich, but I sure am glad that I was introduced to this form of crack at such an early age.

Moving on

Halloween came and went so fast. I am so sad, it is my favorite holiday and now all that is to be seens are singing Santas and blow up Rudolphs. I love the costumes, I love the pumpkins, and of course...I love all the candy (and my son's candy too, but please don't tell him) But what I love more than anything else right now, is the ability to dress my children in any costume I want and claim them adorable.

But the fact of the matter is that this year I lost control. Sure, I still had control over the four month old, but if I have already lost control with her, shoot me. But with the 3 year old...that is another story.
When he first told me in August that he wanted to be a dinosaur, I accepted the idea. Of course I thought that a polar bear, a gorilla, or even a British marching guard would be better, but I could accept dinosaur. But then, when I stupidly showed him the costume I wanted for him online, he cried "NO NOT THAT KIND OF DINOSAUR!"
What I thought was a color, style, or even species choice, simply turned out to be a fabric choice.
So in a weak moment, I purchased the greenest, shiniest, and most flame non-resistant dinosaur costume we could find. The three year old...well, he was as happy as a t-rex. Me...well, I was just trying to keep him out of the way of the pumpkins for fear of a light show.
So next year, I hope to still have control over the little girl...but the boy...well let's just hope he doesn't want to be one of the pimps, goths, or skateboarders that come to my door. He can be shiny, but I still want him to be adorable.