Sunday, November 19, 2006

Secret Post #2

We all have lists that we create in our heads. Places we want to visit. Movies to rent. And the all important: Food I'll eat when I'm pregnant.

I am a lifer in the diet world, so I view the next 9 months as a get out of jail card free card. Yes, I know it will be hard to lose the weight. Yes, I know I am only supposed to eat 300 more calories a day than normal. and Yes I know that I am only supposed to gain 25 pounds. Well, all I have to say is TOO BAD!

Since losing all the weight from baby #1, I have created a list of foods I will eat when I pregnant and here they are (in no particular order)

1. Cheese fries
2. Cinnabon
3. Butter Cream eggs in my freezer that my aunt made us for Easter
4. Milkshakes, milkshakes, and more milkshakes

But I have to tell you, my body is screwing me right now, because here is what it is telling me it wants these days:
1. fruit salad
2. milk
3. raw veggies and hummus
4. 5+ gallons of water

So I have to ask...WTF??? Why is my body so mean to me? And why do I look so good in my skinny jeans?

Secret Post #1

Puke and sleep, puke and sleep,that is all I can think about these days. Memories of an occasional night in the basement of Theta come to mind when I put that combo together. Where else but in college could I learn to first put down a towel, then a garbage can lined with a plastic bag, and place a Gatorade right next to my head.

Unfortunately, there have been no kegs of Natural Light involved in this scenario. Just good old fashioned pregnancy.

So I've been wondering...

At what point in my life did it become fashionable to carry around a purse that is so big it warrants wheels and even a weigh in at the airport check in desk?

I think that the official sign that I need to remove a few items from the bag came when I went to pay tonight at the local grocery store and the poor check out boy had to pick up a pair of Diego undies that I flung across the counter as I was searching for my wallet.

If you don't know who Diego is...well then...I guess you have a smaller purse than I do!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sigh of Relief

Thank you Speaker of the House Pelosi. Thank you Senator Webb. Thank you Governor O'Malley.

My darling son's grandparents can now move home.

Put away the real estate brochures for France and might be safe here.

And please, please, please...can you find at Duty Free a nice candidate for 2008???