Thursday, November 15, 2007

I want to be an After!

I have done every diet in the books. Jenny Craig, LA Weightloss, Nutri System, the Zone, Atkins, 5 Factor (who wouldn't do a diet that Jessica Simpson did??) and this week I went back to old faithful...Weight Watchers.

Back in 1988 I did Weight Watchers and rejoining this week was like greeting an old friend. The plan is the same,the books are the same, the Thanksgiving pep talk was the same, and certainly the decorations in the room are exactly the same. (not to mention they still recommend that you don't eat doritos and pop tarts...imagine that!)

So you might ask, what is unique about each of these diets...and the simple answer is nothing. Each one requires that you watch your portion control, limit your bad carbs, drink obscene amounts of water...oh and speaking of obscene must pay them obscene amounts of money in order to suffer in this "lifestyle" they prescribe.

So why, you ask, do I keep jumping around from one to the other? I'll tell you...before and after pictures. I am a sucker for the bedraggled mom of 5 haven't showered or washed her clothes in 5 days before shot turned glamour girl with her blown out hair and professionally makeupped face in a bikini.

The fact of the matter is that bikini or not, I want to be an after.
So here I am neurotic like Bridget Jones...counting my points, weighing my food, and praying for a small (or rather large actually) weight loss miracle.
I promise not to post the pictures

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Boom said...

YOU can do it!! Hang in there! Take it one week at a time. Don't set your sights on "AFTER" just yet. Set your sights on your next weigh-in!

The first few weeks just SUCK. It gets easier and easier.

Meanwhile, I'm still 5 pounds up, and can't seem to get back on track.

We're in the point trenches together, my friend.

Do you have a kitchen scale? A purse points calculator? (the purse calculator is my FAVE).

Let's talk soon!